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Wiring diagram for delta radial arm saw

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Thread Tools Show Printable Version. How to hook up power to a Delta 14" radial saw magnetic starter box Guys, A few days ago, I lucked into a deal in a 14" Delta radial arm saw model According to the data plate and to information I found online the saw has a 3 hp single phase v motor. When I bought the saw the cutting head and arm were dismounted from the base. Hence, the wire leading from the motor to the magnetic starter box was disconnected from the starter box.

The ends of that wire are tinned but otherwise bare with no connectors. I have no experience with magnetic starters not even single phase starters.

Delta Radial Arm Saw Owner's Manuals

I am unable to determine where the black and white wires coming from the motor, are supposed to be connected inside the box. The colors are green, black, and white. Inside the box all the green wires are connected to the frame. So I'm confident that green is ground duh! I will genuinely appreciate anybody who can swat me with a clue-by-four. Here are two pictures: 1 inside of the starter box; and 2 the wiring schematic from inside the cover to the starter box.

I am a complete nincompoop at reading schematics. So there are two separate cables now routed to the inside of the starter box: The smaller cable from the start-stop box and the larger v single phase, 20 amp power supply cord.

Although not clearly shown in the picture of the box there are three holes into it. The power supply cord enters from the bottom right. A little to the left of this hole there is a slightly larger hole. I assume but don't know that's where the cable from the motor is supposed to enter the box.The machine information here is only applicable to DeWalt machines from before the s.

For information on later non-"Vintage" machines you will have to consult other sources such as DeWalt's own website. DeWalt Products Co.

wiring diagram for delta radial arm saw

This saw was targeted at home builders. The saw was a success and over the next couple of decades the company diversified its product line to cover a range of sizes: blades between 8 and 24 inches diameter, and arms between 12 and 30 inches long.

Rockwell Tool Manuals & Catalogs

Ray DeWalt was the first to use a motor directly driving a saw arbor, the motor suspended in a pivoting and tilting yoke attached to a carriage that slid on a horizontal arm. His key innovation was directly powering the sawblade from a motor. Earlier saws, e. Several patents were issued for saws where the carriage was attached to the end of the arm, and the whole arm slid back and forth with the carriage.

DeWalt himself jumped on the bandwagon when he patented such a saw, but the original DeWalt design proved to be the winner. Despite the efforts of various competitors, DeWalt dominated the rapidly growing market for radial arm saws. DeWalt saws were used in the US to to build barracks, housing, crates, and so on. And especially in the Pacific Theater, DeWalt saws were standard issue at military bases to handle all sawing tasks: ripping, cross-cutting, miter and bevel cuts.

After the war DeWalt discovered considerable demand for home-shop machines, which before the war had not been a major market for them. DeWalt introduced new product lines of smaller and lower cost saws as well as a series of booklets and magazine articles on how to use your new DeWalt saws in a variety of tasks around the home.

AMF is more famous for making bowling equipment and for owning Harley Davidson from to DeWalt was operated as a subsidiary untilwhen it became the Lancaster Machinery Division. Made in Italy". In the industrial radial arm saw line was sold to two of its former executives, who founded Lancaster Machinery Co. For many years, rebuilt saws and DeWalt parts were available from Wolfe Machinery, which wound down their business in Their next door neighbor, Bradley Tools and Fastenershas taken over the business of rebuilding DeWalt saws and providing onsite repair and service for all woodworking machines.From the early s, Delta Specialty Co.

Photo: David Sampar. In he started manufacturing a small scrollsaw based on a design licensed from its inventor, Carl Moberg. The saws were sold through a subsidiary, Delta Specialty Co. Beginning inTautz started identifying Delta Specialty Co. Cushing, and H. The Delta name was difficult to trademark in other jurisdictions so the Tauco name was used instead. We are uncertain of the ownership of Tauco and it is possible that it existed before the Marshall Field buyout. Tauco label from a scroll saw that was exported to South Africa.

InDelta was sold to Rockwell Manufacturing Co. About the same time Rockwell also purchased Crescent Machine Co. Shortly thereafter, Delta tools were labeled Delta Rockwell. In late or early '46, Rockwell purchased Arcade Manufacturing Co. Label from a Delta Homecraft machine. It appears that the saws and their motors were manufactured for Rockwell by A.

Smith Corp. In the early s, Delta manufactured the Penncraft machines for department store chain J. InRockwell Manufacturing Co. The Rockwell International era was marked by an emphasis on corporate financial performance and quality suffered on some products. Inthe line of handheld power tools was sold to Pentair Inc.

On April 12,Rockwell International sold the "machine tool" woodworking and metalworking machinery division to Pentair. Pentair operated it as the Delta International Machinery Corp.Your radial arm saw motor should be good for many years of use. There are instances that the motor may make odd sounds, or seize up for no seemingly good reason. You may also find that the motor works one day and the next day is having issues. Believe it or not, trouble shooting your radial saw may be easier than you think.

Before getting into some more serious problems you will want to check the easy things first. You should check to make sure that the saw is plugged in. You also should make certain that the plug is working; you may have tripped a circuit and only need to reset the plug before your saw functions again.

If your saw is constantly tripping the same circuit, it may be overloaded and a different circuit may need to be used. If you are certain that there is power to the saw and it is still not functioning then try the safety switch as well.

The safety mechanism will not allow the saw to function if it is not depressed. Another basic step that you can do is to press the reset button on the saw. The placement of the button will depend on the model that you have. Turn the power off and unplug the saw.

You are going to want to remove the blade cover and check to make sure that nothing is blocking the blade from turning. A scrap piece of material may have wedged itself up in the saw, causing the motor to grind or wheeze when the machine is powered on.

Take this time to ensure that all debris is cleared away from the work area. In the worst case you may have burned out your motor if your machine will not start up. If you were working on a project and the machine just stopped, then allow it to cool and try to use it again. You should be able to smell a burned out motor. If it does not turn on and you have allowed it to cool, then smell the motor to see if it smells burned.

If this is the case then you will most likely need to replace it. If you have been working on a large project or working with tougher stock you may find that your motor may stall.

Just meaning that it stops. It will need to cool down in order to be able to start up again. Try replacing your blade.There are just too many possible variables with a fifty-plus year-old machine for me to guarantee the accuracy of the drawing for every frame out there in the wild. My grandfather was going to throw out his saw! It is the exact saw in this article and I was wondering if you could tell me the value of this saw!!! It has the manual and everything with it!!!

David Murray — Annapolis. Subject: ras blake with brake. Thank you Andy for the info. At least you have given me a starting point to look. If you or anyone comes a cross one, please send me a line.

Thanks again for your help. David Murray Sr. Subject: Radial arm saw motor with a blade brake. I have a Dewalt early model radial arm saw with a free-wheeling blade. I'd like to acquire a complete motor with a blade brake, so that I can switch motors. Don't have model number with me at this time but can get it if needed. Would anyone have an idea where a motor with a blade brake can be had? Subject: Re: Radial arm saw motor with a blade brake. Either way my first stop would be the forum.

Wishing you a beautiful day, Andy. Sheldon Otto — SoCal. Subject: Radial arm saw wiring schematic. I am rebuilding a Dewalt Radial Arm Saw similar to the one you have pictured. The wiring has been tampered with and am looking foe a schematic for the wiring.

I can see some of the colors and wires in your photo, but not all. Do you happen to have a schematic for your saw? Thanks Sheldon Otto. Subject: Re: Radial arm saw wiring schematic. Hi Sheldon! Thanks to Scott, the schematic is now available for download on the page. Charles Reibenstein — Dallas, TX. Subject: Need help removing the motor for service. I had not used my for a few years. When I turned it on it only hummed. No rotation. I want to remove the motor and have it serviced. I need to know how to remove it.

I thought it would have been obvious, but have never seen it done.

How to Use The Radial Arm Saw

JC — USA.Quick Links. Table of Contents. Radial Arm Saw. Delta 12" single-bevel compound miter saw instruction's manual 18 pages. Delta 12" compound laser miter saw instruction manual 25 pages. Saw Delta Instruction Manual 10" professional table saw 32 pages. Contact us online at www. Page 4 volts and the rated current of the saw.

Either use a qualified electrician to do the conversion, or take the machine to an Authorized Delta Service Center. The machine must conform to the National Electric Code and all local codes and ordinances. All visitors should be kept at a safe distance from work area. Your shop is a potentially dangerous environment.

DeWalt 740; 770; 780 Instruction & Maintenance Manual

The unauthorized start-up of a machine by a child or visitor may result in injury. Everyday eyeglasses are NOT safety glasses. Also use face or dust mask if cutting operation is dusty. Remove the protective coating from all unpainted surfaces. This coating may be removed with a soft cloth moistened with kerosene do not use acetone, gasoline or lacquer thinner for this purpose. While the machine is suspended, attach the legs to each corner see inset of the base.

wiring diagram for delta radial arm saw

Page 10 5. Tighten the track arm clamp lever C Fig. Remove the blade guard clamping rod and washer G Fig. Remove blade guard assembly H. Attach the bracket A to the bottom of the right side of the saw base Fig. Page 12 3. Place the wrench F Fig. Tighten the arbor nut E. Make certain that the wrench F is above the table surface. If necessary, raise the track arm. Page 13 7. To adjust, remove the screw R Fig.Over the years, we've collected dozens of old out of print Rockwell Tool Manualscatalogs, and publications.

We're digitizing these and adding them to the list below. These publications include owners manuals, parts lists, catalogs, and other documents from various manufactures. Submitting Publications: If you would like to add to the library below by submitting copies of information or publications that you have, please complete the Contribute Content form and we'll get in touch with you to add to this library of resources. You can also view Delta Tool Manuals.

This site proudly build with Site Build It! Copyright - Old-Woodworking-Tools. To view and print Tool Publications, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download it for free from Adobe. Rockwell Tool Manuals. It wasn't limited to just drilling holes. Delta Homecraft Band Saw - Mod. This bid 10 inch Delta Homecraft Band Saw was for curved and straight line cutting. Craftsman Woodworking tools at Old-Woodworking-Tools. Craftsman Tool Manuals Craftsman tool manuals and catalogs that can be downloaded for free.

On this page you'll find photos, resources and information about some of those woodworking machines. Share a photo of your vintage Craftsman tools. Contact Us at Old-Woodworking-Tools. Includes model numbers, parts list, and machine manual. Includes description, parts list, recommened motors, and machine manual. This Delta woodworking machines was produced in Includes parts list, motor recommendations, and more. Boice Crane 14" Band Saw at Old Woodworking Tools Infomation, resources, and photos of the Boice Crane 14 Table Saws Information about table saws including the features found in bench, contractors, and cabinet saws, mobile and stationary saws.

Also ncludes information and linked to vintage table saws as well as newer models. Band Saws at Old-Woodworking-Tools. General Woodworking Tools Information and resources for General Woodworking Tools, table saws, band saws, jointers, shapers, sanders, etc.

Woodworking Tool Reviews Read or write a review of the Woodworking tools listed here. Wood Lathes Information about wood lathes including a description of the features and considerations for purchasing one as well as links to a variety of vintage and modern wood lathes. Jointer at Old-Woodworking-Tools. The jointer can machine a face or edge of a board perfectly flat and straight. Scroll Saw at Old-Woodworking-Tools.

wiring diagram for delta radial arm saw

Old Woodworking Tools Information and resources about the drill press, one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in the shop. Wood Shaper at Old-Woodworking-Tools. Hand Planes Information, resources, and photos about woodworking hand planes, history of planes, types of planes, uses of planes. Stanley Planes Old-Woodworking-Tools. Woodworking Tools for Sale Antique woodworking tools for sale.

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